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Statement by Chairman

        Jiuzhou Greeble is the most preponderant and resourceful branch of Jiuzhou Group. It is guided by innovation, allocated with a large number of personnel resource and fund. After 50 years of  development, Jiuzhou Group has become the largest R&D base of SSR air traffic control, wired broadband information network product and digital television equipment. It has been one of the national top 100 electronic information companies for 14 years since 2002 and is among the top 500 companies in manufacturing industry.

        Benifited from Jiuzhou Group's development in electronic manufacturing industry, Jiuzhou Greeble has grown stronger step by step, especially in LED manufacturing field. During the process, the government and the society has always been supporting the company. In consequence, Jiuzhou Greeble has a strong sense of social responsibility.

        In the future, Jiuzhou Greeble will continue providing professional LED product and service, sticking to the core values—concentration, teamwork and innovation, together building a 'green, low-carbon, energy- saving’life.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Jiuzhou Greeble: Dinglin Liu                                                      

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