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Skylin II
Skylin II is the self-developed fine pitch LED display of second generation by Jiuzhou Greeble. Die-casting aluminum cabinet size is designed based on golden aspect ratio 16:9. It can meet the standard video resolution with high contrast and perfect visual effect. Skylin lI can be widely used in military, public security, broadcasting, government and school......
Product FeaturesSpecificationsApplication Effect

① Standard 27" cabinet size and 16:9 aspect ratio offer your a comfortable visual world.

② RJ45 interface can be graded to BNC interface(standard 3G-SDI protocol).

③ TUV EMC Class B complied, which ensures a safe and stable working environment.

④ Die-casting aluminum, easy heat radiation, light weight and high precision.

⑤ High contrast by super black LED.

⑥ Perfect visual effect, low brightness and high grey scale that can show more than 14 bits grey scale under 300nits brightness.

⑦ Redundancy design, back-up power and signal is available.

⑧ Front maintenance.


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